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Experience Seamless Connectivity with Nextline!


Rated 4.6/5 Stars on the Apple Store

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Privacy and Security with Nextline

It's easy and risk-free to use Nextline. You can keep your conversations entirely private, secure and improve the way you communicate safer then ever. Protect your privacy with Nextline!



Go global with Nextline’s e-SIM. Enjoy affordable prices, instant activation, and high speed connectivity in 120+ countries. No physical SIM cards needed – stay connected with ease and flexibility worldwide.

Get an additional phone 

number without the hassle. 

Perfect for business, dating 

or shopping-keep your personal

number private.


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Communicate freely with unlimited texting and calling from your new number. Stay connected with ease
and privacy.


Nextline's e-SIM technology

transforms the way you connect. No more physical SIM cards - activate and switch plans instantly from your device. Whether you' re traveling internationally or need a flexible solution at home, our e- SIM provides seamless, reliable service without additional costs and roaming fees.

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Why Use Nextline? 

Second Phone Number


Keep your personal number private with Nextline's virtual phone numbers. Perfect for work, travel, and more, easily manage multiple lines on one device. Stay organized and protect your privacy.
Use a separate Nextline number for dating to ensure secure and private interactions.
Protect your personal information while shopping online by using a Nextline number for purchases and subscriptions.
Streamline your sign-ups with a Nextline number for social media, apps, and services, keeping your main line free from promotional messages.

Stay connected globally with Nextline's e-SIM technology. Enjoy no roaming fees, high-speed connectivity, and easy setup in over 120 countries.
Nextline simplifies your travel by eliminating the need to search for local providers and pay extra fees.
With high speed instant connectivity and no physical SIM cards required, you can travel effortlessly.
Ideal for travellers and digital nomads, Nextline's e-SIM offers flexible, reliable internet access, allowing you to work and live anywhere with ease.

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About Us

About Us

Nextline offers e-SIM technology and virtual phone numbers for seamless global connectivity. Enjoy no roaming fees, easy setup, high speed connections, and enhanced privacy. Experience hassle free, worldwide connectivity with Nextline.

Contact Us

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